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Grand River Fishing Report

With the recent re-opening of guide service in Michigan we would like to take a second and share some of the updates we have made in response to Covid-19.

One of the biggest rules that the DNR has stated is we must comply with social distancing and the 6ft rule. Our boats are 15 and 16 feet long, therefore, we can are only able to run one person guide trips as of now.

One person guide trips are a great way to get lots of one-on-one with the guide and it allows us to completely focus on working with you, the client.

Because we are limited to one person and almost all of our trips are two person, we have lowered our full-day trip to $225. That’s a deal and with it you get 8 hours of fishing. We will can continue to provide all the gear and equipment. However, you will need to bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks. Per the return to work order, we are not allowed to cook lunch.

We can provide person protective equipment (such as masks and gloves) but we encourage you to bring your own and wear it. In addition, we will be cleaning and disinfecting all our gear and boat surfaces at the end of each trip. 

This may seem like a lot but it’s a start for us getting back to work and getting our you back on the water.

Fishing as been some what consistent. Smallmouth fishing has been picking up with the beautiful weather we have been having. As long as we don’t have excessive amounts of rain fishing will continue to improve.  

Give us call and book your time on the water with us.

Tom and Max Werkman

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