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Fall Is Here

Fall is here, the smallmouth and pike bite continues to be good and the salmon have arrived. Here’s the latest from the frontlines on the Grand River and it’s tributaries.

In the rivers that we fish, the salmon have arrived early this year.  So far they are in decent numbers with fresh fish, it seems like, arriving daily.  

As the run slowly winds down over the next few weeks, we’ll start to incorporate fishing for steelhead on our trips.  The steelhead typically start showing up mid-October as the river temps are cooler and there is plenty of food for them from the salmon eggs flowing down river.  

Fall is a great time to fish for smallmouth and pike.  The bite has been good and should continue that way through November as they fatten up for the winter ahead.

Max will be back from Alaska and will start guiding for steelhead on November 7. There is plenty to take advantage of this fall so just do it.  Call or contact us and get outside on the river with us. We still have openings.   

Capt. Tom Werkman

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