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Post Spawn

It seems like within a matter of days the smallmouth have gone from the pre-spawn to the spawn and now on to the post-spawn.  Here’s the latest from the frontlines of the Grand River and it’s tributaries.  


Despite the temperature swings over the past few weeks, water temps remain consistently above 60 degrees, optimal for topwater, streamers, and even dredging.  Bass have moved from their late winter / early spring holds to more of their late spring / summers water.  Look for them holding in current or just outside the current.

With water temps above 60 degrees, we’ve switched out our lines from from Scientific Anglers full intermediate to their Tropical Clear for streamers.  When the water temps get at 60 or above we’ve found that their Tropical Clear performs much better than their Full Intermediate as it does not stick as you’re casting.  Once the water temp goes back below 60 degrees, we’ll switch back. Depending on the fly, we are still using their I 2/3 line.  

Success has been found on swim frogs, smaller single hook streamers such as the “Fat Baby”, our variation off of  Alvin Dedeaux’s “The Snake” platform and low water crays.  White has been the ticket for the steamers and natural colors for the low water cray.  Remember, as you strip, let that fly pause.  Smallmouth take on the pause.  Mix up the strip cadence and strip set on the take.  By strip setting, you’ll have a better hook-up ratio.  

Northern Pike

It seems like with the northern pike lately, it’s hit or miss.  Some days we’re on them and the next day it seems like the rapture’s happened.  Water temps continue to be ideal and we’ve been having success on the same streamer patterns as smallmouth.  

Orvis - Grand Rapids

There’s plenty going on at the Orvis Shop in East Grand Rapids in the month of June here’s link to their calendar.  Whether you want to up your game or just getting started in fly fishing, Nick, Trent and the crew are a great resource to get you dialed in.

Summer can be some of the best times to fish.  Smallmouth will take topwater, streamers and crayfish patters.  Topwater is our favorite way to fish them as the silence turns to violence in a nano-second.  So contact us and get on our calendar.  

Captain Tom Werkman

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