Fishing Report

Here is our fishing report for July 4, 2019 for smallmouth bass and northern pike. The Grand River has come down nicely over the past week and half. We have had very little rain and the gage at Ada is now hovering around 10.25 feet. The heat has kicked in and the water temp is now in the upper 70’s. The river is stained with visibility between 12 and 16 inches. .

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report

As the water has come down we have seen smallmouth holding tight to the feeder creeks. We continue to have success with search baits such as X-Raps and Mepps. We’ve also been taking fish on the dredge using creature baits rigged to 4/0 hooks and 1/4 to 3/8 oz bullets weights. With this method, all you need to do is cast 45 degrees up river, let it bounce off the bottom to 45 degrees down river, then retrieve and repeat. The bite is light so be ready for when the bounce stops, that’s a good indication that the fish has picked it up off the bottom. The most successful colors have been black, dark green and bark maroon.

I must say, the Grand River still isn’t producing the numbers of fish we’re use to. However, those fish that have been brought to net continue to be in the solid 16 to 20 inch range. A great day on the river now has been 8 to 10 fish and I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

Northern Pike Fishing Report

As far as northern pike is going it has been tough as well. It’s the same story as with the smallmouth. We aren’t seeing any numbers but those that we have been finding have been solid in size. Those that have been hooked were on square bills and Mepps size 4 with a bucktail. Try using more natural colors. To find the pike, fish the slack water on the backsides of the feeder creeks. We have also been finding them, when the water temp are in the upper 70’s, in current. At these temperatures, when you hook a pike, please don’t play them, get them to the net and release them quickly to reduce mortality.

Stealthcraft Hooligan XL

I know this not part of a normal fishing report but with the non-stop rain we had during the spring and the resulting flooding of the Grand we purchased a Stealthcraft Hooligan XL. When Grand become too difficult to fish, this will allow us to get into the skinner waters of the Grand to continue to fish.

Don’t let high water scare you off from fishing with us, we have a fleet of boats that can take you where you need to be to get on fish. Give us a call an come an experience the fishing the urban remote.

Captain Tom Werkman