Grand River: 

With 252 miles to explore and fish, the Grand River is Michigan’s longest.  The Grand can arguably be called the best steelhead and smallmouth bass river in the state.   There is plenty of opportunity to catch these fish as well as salmon, northern pike, largemouth bass, walleye and the occasional muskie.

The sections of the river we fish offer solitude, free from the crowds and the boats.  As a matter of fact, we pretty much share the river with bald eagles, osprey, herons, deer and other wildlife.

White River:

The White River is a hidden treasure among Michigan’s rivers and is just under 20 miles from the town of Newaygo.  Located between the Muskegon and the Pere Marquette Rivers it’s fairly shallow with plenty of gravel, riffles and holes to hold fish.  During the fall and spring migrations it is a mecca for salmon and steelhead, as well as lake run walleye.

Muskegon River:

The Muskegon River is a tailwater fishery.  The upper section of the river from the Croton Dam on down to the city Newaygo has strong runs of steelhead, salmon and brown trout as well as walleye. During the summer months the river has a fantastic smallmouth bass and northern pike fishery.  In recent years muskie have been introduced into the system and may eventually provide angling opportunity.

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