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Lures & Tackle

In addition to running a fishing guide service, Werkman Outfitters also designs and creates quality, handcrafted, custom lures for northern pike and musky.

While on the waters we fish, we had a difficult time attracting the larger pike and musky with the smaller and larger in-line spinner baits. We figured we need a more medium sized lure but had a difficult time find them, so we developed our own line of what we call “tweener” lures.

Many lure companies offer either smaller in-line spinners up to #5 blades or the larger #10 blades. “Tweener” lures, as we call them, are those lures between 2.5 oz and 3.5 oz with between #6 and #8 blades. With that said, we also offer customized lures up to 6 oz with #10 blades.

Customized lures offer the angler the opportunity to order blade, clevis and weight size. In addition, the angler can also customer order skirt size and color. These small differences can mean big opportunity while on the water. For example, the size of the clevis determines blade speed rotation. Depending on the conditions, the angler may want a slower blade spin or a faster blade spin to attract pike and musky.

By ordering your lures through Werkman Outfitters, you can easily order our pre-made custom lures or your can order a specific design.

So see what we have to offer by contacting us today or clicking below. From there, you’ll be redirected to our Square account to see our current inventory offering.

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