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Our Fishing Guides

Our philosophy is simple, we connect our clients to the water through fishing.

In order to fish successfully, we use different techniques to catch multiple species of fish. These techniques include, fly fishing and traditional light spin gear.

While there’s no guarantee that every trip will result in landing “the big one”, we can guarantee a great experience. As guides and owners, we’ll make sure of it.

Max Werkman

Max aka “The Kid” is an owner at Werkman Outfitters.  As a fishing guide, he’s the alter-ego of “The Old Man.”  He specializes in the coldwater species of Michigan; salmon, trout and steelhead.  He grew up in West Michigan and has basically been fishing since he could walk.  During the summer months he guides in Alaska for Naknek River Camp.

His home waters are the Grand River, the White River and from time to time the Muskegon River. He uses multiple techniques including fly fishing, center pin, and spinning gear to catch the migratory fish.  When he can’t fish he is either thinking about fishing or tying flies.  

No matter your skill level Max is very patient and a great teacher, particularly with fly fishing techniques.  He’s a member of the Michigan Charter Boat Association and you can follow him on Facebook  or Instagram

Tom Werkman

Tom aka “The Old Man” is also an owner at Werkman Outfitters and uses both fly and spin techniques for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and northern pike. His home waters are primarily the Grand River and its tributaries.

He lives in Grand Haven, Michigan and service on the board of the Michigan River Guides Association as its Vice President.  He is a past Ottawa County Parks Commissioner, past board member and founder of The Ottawa County Parks Foundation and The Grand River Greenway. In addtion, is also a member of the Michigan Charter Boat Association.  You can follow Tom on Instagram or Facebook

So if you are looking for something different to put a bend in your rod other than a trout during the summer months, let it be known that these native fish will not disappoint. 

Tanner Hylek

Born and raised in Michigan, Tanner has always had a passion for fishing. From guiding on the rivers of Alaska to the rivers of West Michigan he has built solid relationships with many of his clients over the years.   Tanner uses both fly and spin techniques for salmon, steelhead, trout, smallmouth bass and northern pike. 

He’s a well rounded angler but his passion lies in the cold water species. If he’s not guiding, he’s fishing.  If he can’t fish, he’s at the vice tying his own flies.

Licensed & Permitted

Our fishing guides are fully permitted by United States Forest Service to guide on the White River. In addition, we have permits from the State of Michigan to guide on the Grand River and Muskegon River.  Our guides have their Merchant Mariner Credentials with the designation of Captain. The United States Coast Guard has issued these credentials which allow our us access on all federal waters of the Great Lakes and its tributaries, which include the Grand River.