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Fishing the White River

A hidden treasure among Michigan’s rivers, the White is just under 20 miles from the town of Newaygo to White Lake. It’s located between the Muskegon and the Pere Marquette Rivers.  When fishing the White River, the topography is fairly shallow with plenty of gravel, riffles and holes to hold fish. During the fall and spring migrations it is a mecca for salmon and steelhead, as well as lake run walleye for the angler to chase.

The White River rises from the extensive Oxford Swamp in north central Newaygo County and flows out into an upland area. The rural town of Hesperia borders the river here.

Continuing onward, the White River flows in a southwesterly direction through the southern section of Manistee National Forest. The river passes through Oceana County and into Muskegon County and White Lake. The lake and river discharge into Lake Michigan, near the towns of Whitehall and Montague.

The river has a large population of wild brook trout, which have not been fished for much of its length. It is very common to only find fish eight inches or longer. The population is healthy and regularly produces large, even trophy trout. The trout prefer to feed on creek chubs and flies, and take to lure imitations very well.

Fishing the White River can be challenging and rewarding. So book your trip with us.

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