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Asian Carp Awareness- Michigan Out of Doors

Starting at 11:20, Tom Werkman talks about the threat to the Grand River should Asian Carp make their way into the Great Lakes.

Gifts of the Grand

The Grand River is a viable urban and sub-urban fishing corridor.  In this video, Tom Werkman helps showcase that for Experience Grand Rapids.

Michigan Out of Doors

Starting at 2:46, Tom Werkman takes Michigan Out of Doors fishing for smallmouth bass on the Grand River.

Grand Rapids Magazine

In this article, Tom Werkman sat down with Grand Rapids Magazine to talk about why he started Werkman Outfitters, the relationship that he and Max share not only as guides and business owners but also as a father and son.

Flylords Magazine

Max Werkman sat down with Flylords Magazine to talk about what guide life is like in Alaska, where he guides six months out the year for Naknek River Camp.

Eight West

Tom Werkman spent some time on the water with Rachael Ruiz from Eight West showcasing the Grand River and all it has to offer

Woods -N-Water / Michigan Outside

In this article. Tom Werkman talks about what it means to be a fishing guide (waterman) in Michigan.

Grand River Northern Pike


Fly anglers can catch smallmouth bass year-round.  In this Orvis blog, Tom Werkman talks about the tactics used to catch these fish, even during winter

Traverse City Record-Eagle

In this article, Tom Werkman talks with author Jon Osborn about all things smallmouth fishing in Michigan.

Michigan Out of Doors

Starting at 11:06, Tom Werkman and Drew YoungeDyke, of the National Wildlife Federation, do a follow-up visit to the bayous of the Grand River where they give an update on the progress being made to keep Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes

ESPN Radio- Chicago

Tom Werkman of Werkman Outfitters in Western Michigan, talks about all things fishing on the Grand River and other area rivers for salmon, smallmouth, steelhead.


Targeting pike on a fly rod can be challenging–or even downright maddening.  Here, Tom Werkman writes about what to look for on the river, the flies and gear to use so you can increase your odds of landing this top predator.