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Grand River Fishing Report

The weather has been beautiful lately and the fishing has been great too! There has been lots of opportunity for multiple species on the Grand for bass, pike, and even a few walleye mixed in. Here is our Grand River report fo June 2020

For bass, multiple techniques have been productive fish. Anywhere from baitfish to crayfish imitations have brought some nice bass to the boat. Rapala X-Raps, jointed Rapalas, and square bill crank baits have been some of the top producers. Try fishing darker colors during these bright sunny days such as perch, olive, and some dark tans. The best size that we have found are size 10 (or 4 inch baits). Give the lure a slow retrieve with a few jerks while retrieving it back to the boat. Spinner baits have also been productive. Lately chartreuse have been what it working best. Again give it a nice slow steady restive back to the boat.

Lastly we have been getting some fish on creature baits dredging the bottom. How to rig these would be to slide a bullet weight (size of the weight is dependent on how fast the current is and how deep the water is). Rig these creature baits Texas style with the hook inside the bait to keep it from snagging the bottom. Normally we will fish olive, tan, and black baits.

Give us a call and come out and enjoy the beautiful weather with a very unpressurized fishery we have on the Grand River. 

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