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Steelhead Fishing Is Improving!

Fishing has slowly been improving since the beginning of November. Rain has worked its way up and down West Michigan and this is what is bringing fresh groups of steelhead into our river systems.

These groups of fish are scattered throughout the system but new fish have arrived. Some days we have found only a few fish and some days have been a grind. The name of the game is to cover as much water as possible. 

We have been targeting these fish at the heads and tail outs of faster runs and behind the few spawning kings and cohos as well. The most effective rig for us lately is a 5.5 – 8.0 gram float with according sized split shot to correctly weight the float. Typically 8lb or 10lb fluorocarbon leader is standard but if water clarity is slightly stained then bump it up to 12lb. 

On the terminal end, nuke eggs or egg flies tied in more pale orange and peachy colors like Early Girl, Steelhead Orange, and Tangerine with yarn veil colors that are Yellow, Orange Cheese, and Peach. 8mm – 10mm sized beads in Glow Roe, Peachy King, and Peach Roe have also been Bringing fish to the boat. We have been fishing these set-ups on 10ft 7wt fly rods or 10ft6in ML spinning rods.

November and December can be some of the best steelhead fishing that Michigan has to offer, so drop us a line and get on our calendar.  

Capt. Max Werkman
aka "The Kid"

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