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The Pre-Spawn Is Here

The smallmouth pre-spawn is here and will only get better in the coming weeks as the temperatures continue to improve.  We have to say, this is our favorite to time to fish for these bronze bombers.

With that said, we have had a lot of rain in the area and many of the rivers are unfishable for the time being.  However, we are still running trips for smallmouth and and finding success.  Here’s the latest from the frontlines for the Grand River and its tributaries. 


As of right now, the bass are still in their winter mode.  We are finding them in the deeper holes, where there is slow “walking pace” water.  We’re dreding for them, using crayfish and leech patterns in the darker, natural colors such as black, orange and olive. 

In order to get the flies down, we’re using Scientific Anglers Sonar I 2/3.  With the rivers running high, don’t be afraid to use a little more aggressive sink tip such as Scientific Anglers Sonar I 3/6 to get it down.

These fish can be aggressive, even in the colder water.  Here’s a picture of a smallmouth that had a large frog in its mouth. 

As the water continues to warm, you can start to add swim flies to your arsenal.  

Flies of the Grand

If you’re interested in buying some flies that we use on the Grand River for smallmouth, contact us below and we’d be happy to tie some up for you.


Prior to all the rain, we have been finding a lot of success.  Again, many of the area rivers are currently not fishable.  That should start to improve though as the rains subsides and we have a few dry days.  The good news is, with the rivers running high, new fish will push in and the deck will get reshuffled and should make for some good fishing but that won’t last very long.  

Orvis Days

As many of you know, we are Orvis Endorsed and want to keep you up to date on all the happenings at the Orvis-Grand Rapids Shop.  

April is Orvis Days and there is a lot going on.  New gear and apparel are continue to arrive, there will be free fly-fishing classes both in-person and online and there will be free seminars all month long.  In addition, Orvis Travel is opening back up, so make sure to ask them about travel adventures. 

The best way to know about all the happenings the month is to follow them on Instagram, check them out at Orvis-Grand Rapids or call the shop direct.  

So far, this season is looking to be a busy one for us.  All can say is, contact us today to get on our books before the season flies by.

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