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Pre-Spawn Remains Strong

The pre-spawn remains strong.  We have fully transitioned from steelhead to smallmouth bass and we are seeing some of the best action of the year so far.  Here’s the latest from the frontlines on the Grand River and its tributaries. 

The Grand River is currently un-fishable from all the rain we’ve had.  It’s starting to crest in Ada but the near term forecast shows more rain, so this trend will continue.  With that, we’ve been running trips for smallmouth on the tributaries in the mid and lower sections of the Grand and finding really good success.

Right now, we’re finding smallmouth in both their winter and summer water and are using both dredge and swim techniques.  Anything in darker and natural colors, preferably black, olive, brown, etc. has been working well.

Depending on over night temps, right now water temps are in the mid-fifties and water clarity is optimal.  

As the bass move to their summer water, they’ll be holding tight to structure.  Don’t be afraid the get aggressive with your casting.  Even guides get hung-up.  Casting is key, and you’ll need to literally be at the cover to get them to hit your fly, particularly on sunny days.

Orvis Shop Calendar

If you want to find better success on the water, work on your casting. The crew at Orvis- Grand Rapids would be happy to help you dial it in.  Here’s a link to their shop calendar for all the details.  I promise you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.  They have a fantastic crew there and they know the game.  We all need practice, especially coming off a long and cold winter.  

When Is The Best Time To Go Fishing?

Clients ask us all the time, when is the best time to go fishing? The best time to go fishing is literally whenever you can go.  I say this because it’s hard to predict weather shifts and patterns, flow rates, migratory timing, bite windows, etc.  All of this changes on a daily basis.  Fishing should be viewed as a challenge, different days present the angler with different challenges. The key, is working with your guide to help you overcome those challenges to find success on the water.  The only time that we would reschedule a trip is, if we ourselves wouldn’t fish in the conditions.  

With all that said, give is a call today and come spend a great day on the river in some of west Michigan’s finest smallmouth bass and northern pike waters.

Captain Tom Werkman

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