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Cold Weather, Solid Bites

First it’s hot, then it’s cold, then it rains, then it snows.  It’s been a crazy month of April.  The Grand has settled back down to 5300 cfs in downtown and the tributaries are in excellent shape for smallmouth.  Here’s the latest from the frontlines.

The cold weather continues, which means the pre-spawn bite will too.  The bite has been strong for the larger smallmouth.  The dominate males and females are pretty aggressive, even in the colder water temps.

We’ve been having success on both fly and conventional gear.  If you’re going to use fly, streamers and dredging techniques are working well.  Try using smaller crayfish patterns and leaches.  

For the swim-flies we like Leggi Boi’s and Circus Peanuts in natural colors.  We’ve been using SA’s full intermediate line to get down in the column.  

On the conventional side try using Rapalas in natural colors, ned rigs and Texas rigged creature baits.  

The main thing to remember right now is, if there is a take, it will feel like you’re hung up on a log.  If you feel that, set the hook.  The bite is soft in these colder temps but once they’re on, they will cork your rod.

We have lots of availability given our guide staff, so if you’re looking to get into the opportunity for a Michigan master angler smallmouth, which is at 21 inches, now would be the best time to book. Just give us a shout by clicking the button below.  

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