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Grand River Fishing Report

Temperatures have been all over the map, which is not making the fish happy and we need rain. We’ve also been spending some time exploring new water for trout.  Here’s the latest from the front lines.

We’ve had an unusual spring, it seems one day we’re in the 70’s and then the next we’re in the 40’s.  Add in the lack rain and snow melt and you end up with lower than average river flow rates. This has made fishing tough on the Grand.  With that said, we a still bringing fish to net.  

Normally, this time of year for smallmouth, it’s not a numbers game but more a size game as the fish are in the pre-spawn stage.

Despite the weather challenges and low water, this is still holding true but we are needing to cover a lot of water to find them.  

Use search baits and once you find one, make sure you spend time at that location and mix it up with slower finesse rigs.  Once you’ve worked that location for awhile, move on and start searching again.

We’ve also been exploring some new water for trout and having some success.  We’re not currently offering trout trips but as we understand this water more and are able to overcome some logistical issues, we may. We’ll keep you posted.  

Don’t wait to book your trip with us.  As the year the progresses our calendar continues to fill in. To be honest, if you’re thinking of booking a trip just do it, that way you have your date all locked in.  This holds true to steelhead and salmon as well.  

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