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Summer Patterns

After an unusual start to the spring, as a result of wild temperature swings and little in precipitation, the smallmouth are becoming more predicable and we are finding them in their usual summer places.  Here’s the latest from the frontlines on the Grand River and its tributaries.

The river continues to be low and clear for this time of year, water temps are now in the mid to upper 70’s with some days in the low 80’s.  These conditions make it almost ideal for fishing.  In some areas, we are sight fishing for the bass using finesse type techniques as well as top water and spinner baits.   

The Grand River is host to a wide diversity of fish species.  Not only have we been catching bass and pike but also walleye, freshwater drum and catfish.  It’s unfortunate that the drum are considered a “junk fish.”  The are the cousin to the redfish and these guys smack a lure and pack a punch on light tackle.  

With the water temps are warm as they are, if you happen to land a pike or walleye, please don’t fight them long and release them quickly.  At these temps, if you don’t do this, the chances are the fish will not survive.  

Summer is almost here and will soon be in full swing.  The fishing is good, the temperatures are ideal and the Grand is in great shape, so give us a call and book your trip today.

Capt. Tom Werkman

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