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Season Changes

Welcome to September and the beginning of the Fall.  The Grand River and its tributaries are in great shape and morning water temps have dropped to the upper 60’s with day time temps in the low 70’s.  Here’s the latest from the frontlines.

The water temps are finally in the zone for what we consider ideal for pike on the Grand.   We have been finding them more consistently on each trip.  With the water low and clear like it is, try using swim baits and Mepps #4’s for them.  These fish are aggressive this time of year and the lure can be lodged deep in their mouth.  Remember to bring wire cutters, long needle nose pliers and jaw spreaders.  If you can’t get the lure out, use the wire cutters to cut the hook as best you can and then release the fish.  

On the smallmouth front, when the water temps drop below 60, the crayfish start to become a little more dormant and the bass begin to focus more on the baitfish.  Try shifting your technique from finesse to swimbaits, spinner blades, and stickbaits.  

These pictures are from last year.  On the salmon front, they are slowly coming into area rivers. The rivers that we primarily fish for them on we typically won’t see them until October. They are big this year and we have upped our game to 10 wts to land them.  If you want to land one of these freight trains, then contact us below and get on our calendar.  We still have some dates open.  

Fall is the best time to fish the rivers.  The angler has a ton of species to target, not to mention cool mornings and warm days.  Drop us a line or give us call to take full advantage of this time of year.  

Capt. Tom Werkman

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